Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

About Student Ambassadors


IAC Student Ambassadors will act as liaisons between the College and prospective students and their families, guests, alumni, business partners, and friends of the College by engaging in activities that:

  • communicate the mission and culture of the College;
  • strengthen our traditions;
  • promote Georgia Tech pride; and
  • encourage lifelong involvement with the College.

The ambassador program is directed by Elizabeth Miller 404.894.0513 and Jamie Kazenstein is Assistant Director.


We see our Ambassadors as serving the Ivan Allen College community in many important and rewarding ways as:

  • Recruiter
    As the Official Greeters for the Ivan Allen College, they are expected to remain active and participate in recruitment events sponsored by IAC or one of our six schools. These include summer orientations, campus visits, phone banks, Shadow Day, and other events as they arise.
  • Educator
    In this role, they are asked to educate not only students, but also parents, teachers, and campus administrators about the variety of opportunities in the Ivan Allen College. This will include social media, college search engines and even making sure Georgia Tech tour guides are kept up-to-date with our college bi-annually and helping train future ambassadors.
  • Inspiration
    They conduct high school outreach and recruitment. They visit and present to at least four high schools (two per semester). This may be done in groups, as part of a fair or along side our Associate Dean John Tone for Undergraduate Studies, an academic advisor or administrator.
  • Communicator
    They communicate for the College through high school presentations, one-on-one conversations, phone banks, correspondence, summer orientations, etc. They must be flexible and comfortable with this interaction.
  • Salesperson
    In recruiting new students, an ambassador must educate the public, but must also sell those individuals on IAC programs & services. Ambassadors deliver their sales pitch by telling those individuals about the success they have found in IAC.
  • Role Model
    As an ambassador, they work to serve as strong examples of students that IAC would want other students to follow and strive to be like. They are also someone that high school students will recognize and associate with LIBERAL ARTS AT TECH.
  • Innovative Thinker
    One of the things we love most about our students is the highly varied spectrum of talents and interests they possess. Ambassadors are expected to share new ideas and always look at how to do things better, more creatively, and with more fun!
  • Professional
    In presenting at a school or welcoming students, ambassadors are professional in their conduct and attire. As well as their committment to honor their one year of service to the Ivan Allen College.

  • Kudos to Rachel St. Clair and Monica Cahal for outstanding service in February!

  • Kudos to Rachel St. Clair and Monica Cahal for outstanding service in February!

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